Complete Hand and Foot Care

Adobe SystemsOur Waterless Technique:

We avoid water in our manicure services because we have found that warm, soapy water is not beneficial for encouraging healthy skin surrounding the nail. We all know what scrubbing dishes does to our hands and nails, and at Painted Red Nails, we like to avoid that same abuse in the salon by avoiding water and harsh solvents that break up your naturally protecting oils. Instead, we use a blend of natural oils to soften the skin around the nail in preparation for our innovative cuticle treatment, which works to encourage healthy cuticle repair.

Avoiding water in our manicures also allows for a longer-lasting polish application. The natural nail plate is porous, which means it absorbs water, and when it absorbs water it expands. We have found that if we apply polish while the nail plate is slightly wet, and because of that, expanded, then when the nail fully dries out, it contracts again and is then a different size and shape than when we applied the polish. This causes the nail to slightly shrink back from the polish and can compromise its adhesion.

Our Cuticle Philosophy:
Our cuticles are there for a reason – to seal and protect the sensitive tissues where nail formation begins – and we don’t agree with removing any part of the cuticular system. We cut only dead, dry, hanging skin in order to get a clean edge that will prevent hangnails from pulling any further and encourage healing of the skin around the nail. We perform a careful “buffing” that removes dead skin from around the nail without shoving back or nipping away any portion of the living tissue. Not only is this safer, but it allows for healthier, more attractive cuticles that continue to improve with each manicure.

A Fresh Approach to Foot Care:
We don’t agree with the use of acid-based products to remove calluses; this only breaks down skin and does not encourage healthy skin repair, and we’re sick of slathering on moisturizers that never seem to solve the problem of severely cracked, sore heals. We are fed up with the regular monthly pedicure service that leaves feet looking and feeling the same each month.

If someone walks in our door with a dry skin condition, and comes back with the same dry feet four weeks later, we feel we have not done our job, and that’s why we use a line a products created by a podiatrist to safely and effectively improve skin conditions of the foot.

Understanding the Foot:
There are no oil glands on the bottom of our feet and about three times as many sweat glands than anywhere else on our body. For this reason, oily, greasy creams that work well to moisturize the rest of our body, are ineffective for the skin of our feet. At Painted Red Nails we use only non-occlusive products to treat the feet with moisturizers that will actually penetrate between the skin cells, replacing moisture without sitting on the surface and blocking sweat glands.

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