What you Should Know About Spa Services During Pregnancy

Safe Products:

Most nail products contain ingredients that are linked to causing cancer and birth defects when worn by pregnant women. Before scheduling a pedicure, call ahead to ask if the salon carries a line of polishes that do not contain the following:

  • Dibutyl Phthalate or BPD (linked to causing birth defects)
  • Formaldehyde (carcinogenic)
  • Toluene (carcinogenic)
  • Camphor (uterine stimulant; can be toxic)

We only carry Zoya polish at Painted Red Nails, which is toxin-free, so you can know that our nail services are always safe for you and your baby. Zoya polish also happens to be the best professional nail polish out there- has great long lasting wear and it’s non-drying to the natural nail.

At Painted Red Nails, we are an organic spa, meaning that we avoid anything artificial in our products and use only beneficial, natural ingredients. However, some natural essential oils should still be avoided during pregnancy:

  • Rosemary (increases circulation)
  • Lavender (While this is debated, some believe that in high doses, Lavender could be a uterine stimulant, and should be avoided in the first trimester)

Swollen Feet:

Ask your nail specialist to keep your pedicure water a bit cooler. Soaking in water that is too hot can increase swelling. Skip foot treatments that involve intense heat such as hot stone therapy, steamed towels or paraffin treatments.

All of our hand and foot treatments can be customized to be safe for pregnancy. Our “Hot Stone Pedicure” can still be enjoyed, just with a hand-manipulated massage in place of the stones during the regularly allotted massage time.


There are some areas of foot massage that should be avoided with pregnancy. Your pedicurist at Painted Red Nails will avoid deep pressure in the indented area between your ankle and Achilles tendon. Deep massage in this area may be linked to inducing early labor. Foot massage should never hurt, please communicate any discomfort throughout the service.

Most doctors will encourage you to enjoy massages throughout your pregnancy, though some suggest avoiding massage for the first 12 weeks if you have a high-risk pregnancy. Should you have any concerns, please talk to your doctor before trying any type of massage.


We do not recommend the use of our resurfacing machine during pregnancy or for nursing mothers. Substitutions can be made for someone who would like to enjoy the time-frame and extended pampering of this 90-minute treatment, while avoiding the use of the resurfacing machine. Please just let us know when scheduling the appointment.

In general, all of our facial products are safe for pregnancy (though you may choose to avoid Lavender bath, or Rosemary Leg and Arm Toner in the Dr. Hauschka facials). Yet due to the many changes in the pregnancy body, you may become prone to new allergic reactions and irritations. Please let us know if you have experienced any symptoms of sensitivity. We are happy to make any substitutions needed so that you can enjoy any of the services on our menu.